Here are the testimonials of Healthy Data’s success stories. These people have not only improved their bodies, but also their lifestyle and well-being. This is the proof that determination and perseverance leads too great results; and also a good fitness Coach!

Ray E 27/12/2008 to 03/01/2010

Start up weight: 231 pounds
Finish up Weight: 166 pounds
2 Healthy Data 12 weeks Programs Result: 65 pounds Loss in 6 months.

Hi my name is Ray, I agreed to
give my testimonial to Izabella’s fitness and nutrition program
because it worked out better than expected for me as I have a tendency to take weight fairly easily and
eat my emotions out when things go out of hand. I have a desk job in finance and it isn’t always easy to eat
healthy in a mall. 5 years in finances resulted in a whooping 230 pounds at 5.7feet tall … I really didn’t
appreciate myself. I met with Izabella and organised a food and work out routine and regular check ups. With
tweaks to my diet with out killing the poutines and pizza’s out I managed to drive out the excess fat and get
in great shape. I have loved so much the idea and excellent idea’s that Izabella has to provide that I have agreed
to promote and be part of the the business by investing in it. I know that she will make a difference for you
that will last a life time and probably extend it by a few years extra! Thank Iza and healthyData!!
Ray E
Izabella: Your hard work paid off Ray and you look better than ever! Always aim for greater goals and you will impress yourself by what you can achieve!


David’s Testimonial

Hi, my name is David. I’m happy to write this testimony. I’m over 50 and my doctor tells me that I have to get my weight below 170 lbs. I always thought I was fit. I work out once in a while. But my weight has stayed a stubborn 176 lbs. As life has it, the last 6 pounds is the toughest 6 pounds to lose. I’ve try hard was and never able to hit my target weight. I am very busy and travel a lot so I need a workout program that fits me and also a dietary plan that would work for me since I have to eat out a lot. Izabella designed a 3 part workout program that is very effective and only takes an hour 3 times a week. Izabella showed me what I have been doing wrong and gave me a program that is intensive, effective. It works all the muscles in a variety of ways so that I never get bored. To be honest, it works muscles that I didn’t know even existed. The good thing is that it is a program that I can stick to even with my busy schedule. With this and the diet program that Izabella designed, I was able to get to my target weight. I have more energy, my blood pressure is lower and my cholesterol is also lower. My body is in better shape and my posture is much better. Izabella really cares about your health and the good part is that the program is for ordinary people like me.

Thank you Izabella for your help in making me healthier.

I strongly advice Izabella to anyone.

Izabella: Thank you David! Your will and effort towards a better health are very inspiring. Always a pleasure training with you!


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