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Dear Reader,

My name is Izabella and I am a certified Personal Trainer &  Fitness Nutrition Specialist with a Master’s Science of Applied Nutrition. Over the years I have experiment many diets and ways of eating, cooking and preserving nutrients, all from which I have applied to my lifestyle the ones that gave the best results.

My Goal is to show people that hold their health and fitness to heart the proper way of being aware of what their put into their bodies.

I will share with you my findings and recipes for an optimal physical performance, health and mood.

Food that is great for your health can be way more delicious than the food we can crave when we think of treating ourselves. Here is many cooking  ideas to change your mindset about food.

This is an interactive  website that keeps you updated on all the latest information about health and fitness.

It also  allows you to have a personnal profile where you may update your status and monitor your progress while being assisted by your online coach.

Check the informative pages such as the Diets Trends which shows you the most popular weight management techniques used in modern society; the Fitness Room where you can find all sorts of information about exercise; General Health informs you of what’s best for you in terms of nutrition & general well-being; Food Benefits is a list of foods by name and comparison sheets to be aware of the nutritional content of food; a category about the most popular Supplements on the market and a short resume with the most pertinent information about those; and a section where you can get your own Your Fitness Plan to make the best out of your diet and fitness with an online coach who will guide you every step of the way.

Have a great time on this website !

All the best,




8 responses

4 08 2010

hello izabella
I am so proud of u babe . i feel in few years u will be driving a lamberghini diablo 😉
keep the work and good luck
love u

6 08 2010

Very cool site – love the pics + data!

Great job, Bella : )


15 08 2010
Real Ethier

Excellent website, strong start idd say, cant wait to see more updates. Going to follow this place closely, dont let it down iza 😉

Have a great day!!
Ray, xx

18 12 2010

“Indeed”, c’est très bien fait…. Facile à comprendre, très éducatif et plus réaliste que tous ces millions de programmes à l’américaine. Congrat Iza, tu es une femme aux milles talents …. et à quand mon personnal plan !?! 😀

18 12 2010

Merci Kate! Rempli le formulaire et jte ferai ton 6 weeks plan en 48hrs 😉

10 10 2010
Haima Kadussi

Un gros merci Izabella, c`est cool.


13 12 2010


13 12 2010

Hi John, welcome 🙂

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