Your Fitness Plan

♥What’s New?♥

Since everyone has a different lifestyle and fitness status a Personal Fitness & Nutrition Plan is the ideal way of getting a plan that accommodates to your needs and brings you to the wanted results faster.

Simply fill in this questionnaire and send it to and you will receive in just 48 hours a complete Nutrition Guide and Work-out Plan linked to your member’s profile. With these easy tools, you may now update and daily monitor your progress and achievements. Your online coach is available at any time to review your status and give you tips for better results.

Join now and live the experience of an online assisted fitness program!


First step is to fill in the Health & Fitness Questionnaire below and send it to

Secondly, once you have selected your desired Personnal Fitness & Nutrition Plan, you will receive it within the next 48 hours of the payment with all the complete information and a legal taxable receipt.




Referral Program

Help bring your close ones to a healthier lifestyle and get a 20% referral discount on all 12 weeks training plans!



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