Muscles & Exercises

22 02 2011

Shoulders, chest and triceps: Used to push objects away from you and used to push yourself away from objects.

Shoulders, upper back muscles and biceps:Used to pull objects towards you, and used to pull yourself towards objects.

Abdominals and side muscles:Used to rotate and flex your spine, and also stabilises your spine.

Lower back muscles:Used to extend your spine backwards and assists in bending, rotating and stabilising your spine.

Buttocks:Used to stretch your hip joint, extend your leg backwards and rotate your thigh outwards.

Upper thigh muscle:Used to flex hip joint forward and to extend your knee joint to straighten your leg.

Hamstring muscle:Used to bend your knee, moving your heel towards your buttocks.

Calf muscle:Used to flex your foot downward and bend your knee joint.

Shin muscle:Flexes your foot upward and inward, and supports the arch of your foot when running or walking.



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