6 Foods for a Great Love Life

5 12 2010

Sex is one of the most intimate ways in which one can express their affection for their partner, but with increased stress levels and unhealthy lifestyles contributing to increasing fatigue levels in today couples  are often found to be too tired or lacking interest in having sex!

The importance of having Sex!

The first and primary reason why an adult should have sex is because it’s healthy.  Sex is an instant stress buster, it boosts one’s immunity, is beneficial for one’s cardiovascular health and it helps burn calories which directly co-relates to weight loss! More over sex helps one to develop intimacy with their partner, which is important for any relationship to prosper.

However with the long working hours, constant stress and poor physical conditions, we just tend to forget that aspect of life. Such a scenario demands a change: a change in one’s lifestyle. While a lifestyle change would amount to exercising regularly and reducing one’s stress levels, it is the dietary changes that will benefit the most in this case.

A Diet for a Healthy Sex Life

Why not? We ask. And by Diet here, we don’t mean having to cut down on certain food items; we are just suggesting that you add certain food items to your daily diet. Food items that will boost your libido, further the cause of a good sex life and help make sex an activity that you would love to indulge in!

Following are 6 such foods that are good for sex,


Bananas are a great libido boosting food, especially for males as it contains the enzyme ‘Bromeilan’ which is known to boost one’s libido and also reverse impotence!

Moreover Banana’s are known to contain high levels of Vitamin B6 – pyridoxine, Vitamin C and Riboflavin along with Potassium and manganese which help in increasing one’s vitality and also further the production of sex hormones in the body.


Many people are ignorant of Garlic’s libido enhancing properties because of its foul smell! Eating just one chopped clove of garlic per day is highly beneficial for one’s sexual health, as Garlic contains Allicin which is responsible for increasing the flow of blood to one’s sexual organs.

As eating garlic can leave you with a bad breath, it is much more advisable to opt for garlic capsules.


Almonds or ‘Badaam’ contain essential fatty acids that are important for the production of the male sex hormones which control their sex drive! But this is not all, as almonds are also known to contain high levels of Vitamin E which is known as the sex vitamin mainly because it helps in boosting the blood flow to the sexual organs, in both the males and females.

    Chili Peppers

Chili peppers are a great food to boost a sagging libido and spice up your sex life, as they contain capsaicin an enzyme which triggers the release of endorphins- the body’s feel good hormones.

The hot chilli peppers on consumption also serve to stimulate the nerve endings while raising your heart rate, making them the ideal foods for good sex!

    Pumpkin Seeds

Don’t be fooled by the tiny size of a pumpkin seed, as these seeds contain the mineral zinc, which helps to increase the production of testosterone in men and helps women to increase and sustain a healthy sex drive.

Pumpkin seeds are also a rich source of the essential fatty acid Omega-3, needed to maintain a healthy sex drive in both men and women.


Chocolate is the ultimate aphrodisiac food for women as it contains the alkaloid – theobromine which is similar to coffee, yet mild and has a relaxing effect on one’s body and mind. Chocolate is also known to contain Phenylethylamine, a neurotransmitter chemical in the brain that boosts the libido and leads to a change in the blood pressure and blood sugar levels i.e. it produces feelings of alertness and excitement that are quite similar to Love!

While these are just some of the foods that can boost your libido and lead to a good and healthy sex life, one must remember to always communicate with and love their partner, as in a relationship, along with sex these are also important factors that feature high on the priority list!




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2 11 2011
Faith Laith

Good list, No figs among many others http://aphrodisiac-food.com/articles/?p=19

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