Wrong Food Combinations

4 12 2010

Biochemistry with a wrong food combination

If you give your body a mixed food of protein and carbohydrate at the same time, the digestion process is more complicated, needs more time, and yet the food is not digested completely.

* In your mouth your saliva has trouble to penetrate the chewed food in order to find and to pre-digest the carbohydrate which it may contain – in case that the needed amylase was prepared at all.

* In your stomach there’s the same problem: Now the enzymes are busy to find the protein in the mixed pulp. Acidifying the whole mass takes an unnecessarily long time: The food lies in the stomach for hours, while the carbohydrate often already begins to ferment: You start to belch, and maybe you also feel heartburn or even esophagus reflux if your stomach needs an unusually big amount of gastric acid to acidify the whole pulp – in this case the gastric acid also may attack the mucous membrane of the stomach which may lead to stomach spasms and, in the long run, to gastritis and stomach ulcers.

* In the small gut the enzymes for the digestion of carbohydrate have to make up for the unsatisfying pre-digestion of the carbohydrate in the mouth, moreover they and the enzymes for protein probabely will hamper each other in their effectivity if they altogether try to imbue the food pulp at the same time – this may considerably delay the process of the whole digestion, and lead to obstipation, while in the bowels the carbohydrate starts to ferment and the protein begins to rot which leads to flatulence or bowel spasms, and produces toxic substances which also pass the bowel skin to get into the blood and lymphatic circulation and may cause indisposition as well as diseases.

Wrong Food Combinations

  • Eat fruits alone as they get digested very quickly. When eaten with any other food like cereals or dals and meats they cross react, ferment and ultimately putrefy (decay) releasing toxic gases.
  • Eat melons alone; avoid eating them with any other fruits as they can not be digested well with other fruits.
  • Eat very starchy foods and heavy proteins separately, as they do not go together. For instance potatoes and meat or rice and chicken should be eaten separately (this may sound strange initially but optimum digestion needs such extreme alkali/acid foods to be eaten at different times).
  • Do not combine heavy non-veg proteins with veg proteins.
  • Avoid taking dairy products with citrus foods.
  • Avoid mixed fruit chat with potatoes.
  • Never cook honey. In dessert recipes it should be added at the very end and never mix it with equal quantity of ghee as this combination can prove to be toxic and poisonous.
  • Cold beverages like iced water and fizzy drinks should not be drunk after a meal as it decreases (digestive fire) and leads to indigestion.
  • Milk is incompatible with fish, meat, melons, curd, citrus fruits, bread and cherries.
  • Radishes are incompatible with milk, banana and raisins.
  • Night shade vegetables (potato, brinjal, chilies and tomatoes) should not be eaten with dairy, melons and cucumbers.
  • Curd should not be combined with milk, hot drinks, meat, fish and mangoes.
  • Eggs should not be eaten with fruit, cheese and banana.
  • Corn should not be mixed with dates and raisins.

How Food Combining works

* You can eat what you want.

* You can eat how much you want.

* You can combine food but never protein and carbohydrate.

That’s the trick. To see what food you can combine please look at these three groups (the table1 is incomplete, but it can give you a first impression):

Protein Neutral Carbohydrate
Egg white Egg yolk Potatoes
Milk Milk products Cereals
Cheese < 60% fat Cheese > 60% fat Grain products
Meat cooked/fried Meat raw Sugar
Fish cooked/fried Fish raw Dates, Figs
Fruit Vegetables, Salad Bananas
Wine Coffee, Tea Syrup

Never combine food of the two distant groups: Never eat Protein and Carbohydrate at the same time!

Protein Carbohydrate
A bad meal for example:
Tomato Sauce

You can eat Protein und Carbohydrate one after the other, of course. But be sure that there are at least three hours between eating food with protein and eating food with carbohydrate – to give your body enough time first to digest one food sufficiently before the next food comes which requires another way of digestion.




2 responses

6 12 2010

Dear Izabella,

Thank you very much to open my eyes and letting me know how wrong I was in mixing all kind of foods at the same time and I was wondering why I get pain in my stomake, having too much acidity and discomfort after each single meal ?!!

Thanks to you, now I know what was wrong and nor correct with my meals.

I promiss to follow your geat diet plans and wonderful welleating ideas.

Thanks again,

Yours sincerely,


28 01 2012
Margarita Miteva

Thank you, it was a pleasure to read something wise for change. It would be wonderful to share this will all magazines on the market, I am tired of reading recipes for “Healthy school lunch” for example, with ridiculous combination of food inside. Or ” easy and healthy recipes” like “Alphabet soup” with beans, corn, zucchini, tomatoes and pasta and the same time,published in the last Canadian living magazine.

I would love to see some recipes made based on the proper combination.

Thank you one more time.


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