Right Food Combinations

4 12 2010

Why Food Combining works

Food Combining is derived from the biochemistry of our body which has two different ways of pre-digestion: for protein and, on the other hand, for carbohydrate. Carbohydrate is predigested in our mouth with help of the alcalic saliva. Protein is predigested in our stomach with help of the acid gastric fluid.

Biochemistry with a correct food combination

Already when we first look on our plate, and “our mouth waters”, our body has made its choice between these two ways of pre-digestion, and prepares our saliva and our gastric fluid for the expected food:

* For the pre-digestion of carbohydrate, our saliva is enriched by enzymes and forms an amylase, which imbues the chewed food and starts the transformation of carbohydrate into sugar. The stomach is only a transit station then: The food pulp is only acidified here and then forwarded into the intestines.

* For the pre-digestion of protein, our saliva is made thin and slimy – its only task is to help the food to slide down into the stomach. Here the needed enzymes and the gastric acid are prepared to acidify the food pulp, to collect concentrated protein, and then forward it into the bowels.

* This well prepared food pulp first reaches the duodenum where it is made alcalic again, and then is digested by the needed enzymes in the small gut finally: All nutrients are extracted and introduced through the bowel skins into the blood and the lymphatic circulation which distribute them in the whole body.

How Food Combining works

* You can eat what you want.

* You can eat how much you want.

* You can combine food but never protein and carbohydrate.

That’s the trick. To see what food you can combine please look at these three groups (the table1 is incomplete, but it can give you a first impression):

Protein Neutral Carbohydrate
Egg white Egg yolk Potatoes
Milk Milk products Cereals
Cheese < 60% fat Cheese > 60% fat Grain products
Meat cooked/fried Meat raw Sugar
Fish cooked/fried Fish raw Dates, Figs
Fruit Vegetables, Salad Bananas
Wine Coffee, Tea Syrup

Please combine only the food of two neighboring groups:

Protein and Neutral, or Neutral and Carbohydrate.

Protein Neutral
A good steak
Brussels sprouts
Green salad

Neutral Carbohydrate
White herring
White cream sauce
Fried potatoes



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