South Beach Diet

1 12 2010

Program At A Glance

The South Beach Diet is divided into three phases.
The first phase is the toughest because it is the one that attempts to break all the bad habits we have accumulated. During this two week period, pretty much all carbs are restricted including bread, fruits and veggies and grains. This part of the program requires strict discipline and a real commitment to the plan. On the plus side is the reorienting of the body back to a healthy state and the stabilization of blood glucose levels.
The second phase reintroduces some carbs back into the diet – but this time it is the right carbs. Gone are the simple carbohydrates like cake, cookies, candy, sodas and most bread. The diet replaces them with fruits, veggies, and whole grains. The right fats are introduced as well. No more fried foods, butter, and cream. These are replaced by olive and canola oils, and some nuts. The dieter remains in this phase of the plan for as long as it takes to get to goal weight.
The third phase of the program is the maintenance section and is the diet you will live with. A few more foods are reintroduced but by now the program looks less like a diet and more like a lifestyle. Blood sugar is stabilized and normalized and foods are consumed based on the glycemic index.
In an industry of crazy crash and fad diets, The South Beach Diet stands apart as a logical, sensible, safe and effective weight loss program. The diet was created by a doctor and is based on sound nutrition and chemistry.
Although somewhat restrictive initially, the diet quickly balances the body, eliminating excess fat and stabilizing blood sugar levels, and then moves on to reintroduce healthy carbs and fats back into the diet. The developer does not consider this a diet as much as a life-long eating plan, and those who stick with it will emerge healthier, happier and much thinner.

Focuses on portion control and better food choices
Helps stabilize blood glucose levels
Excellent website with a host of information provided
Reading materials and on-line program reasonably priced
Developed by a doctor, based in science



As mentioned before – the weight loss doesn’t come off fast after the first phase. If you don’t mind a slow and steady weight loss, this program is great on its own. If you want to see some serious results you should combine South Beach Diet with a quality and well respected diet product.





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