Eat Stop Eat

1 12 2010

The book is very professional and the fact he was a researcher shows through in the way he justifies everything and provides scientific studies to back things up, in fact there are 3 and a bit pages of the studies listed at the back of the guide! It is a simple concept and makes it easy to cut down your weekly calories without having to prepare special meals or do anything extraordinary. The way the author advises you to do the 24 hour fasts also stops you going a full day without having any food which really helps you mentally stick to it much easier.

The good thing about Eat Stop Eat is that you only fast 1-2 times per week. This makes it an easier diet to follow in my opinion. The rest of the time you eat naturally, which for most people means 3-4 healthy meals per day. Enjoy the occasional pizza or other high calorie food, but if fat loss is your goal then you will want to limit this type of food. The idea behind Eat Stop Eat is that it should be an easy to follow for the long term.

With Eat Stop Eat, You Never Purposely Eat a Big Meal

This is where most people go wrong with Eat Stop Eat: People assume that they eat one large meal like The Warrior Diet, but just do it twice per week. This is not the way Eat Stop Eat was meant to be followed. With Eat Stop Eat, you eat a regular size dinner (600-1,200 calorie range…a rough estimate). So 1-2 days per week, you are having a much lower calorie day than normal. So in essence this reduces you calorie intake by 10-20% each week.

The Reason You Can’t Do an Eat Stop Eat Fast Every Day

Eat Stop Eat works because your body can easily handle a low calorie day every once in a while, without negatively affecting your metabolism. Try to do this every day and within 2-3 weeks bad things will happen. The Warrior Diet is different, you are getting your daily calories all in one meal. With Eat Stop Eat, you are striving for 1-2 low calorie days. Too many low calorie days in a row are what cause eating disorders. Fasting 1-2 times per week improves health. Fasting like this every day is not good for you at all.


  • Information and claims backed up by scientific studies throughout
  • Doesn’t require any kind of special food, equipment or excessive time (for the fasting part)
  • Incredibly easy to follow the fasting part, much easier than constantly counting calories and you do not need to alter your normal eating habits as long as they are not really bad (don’t fast and then eat cheeseburgers for the rest of the week!)


  • Not for anybody with any medical conditions like Diabetes etc
  • Does not give you an exercise plan to follow, gives you tips on what you should be doing in terms of length and frequency etc but not specific exercises for you to do so you need to find them out yourself



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