ZMA Supplement: Increased performance and enhanced strength.

24 11 2010

All About Zinc monomethionine aspartate (ZMA)

Zinc monomethionine Aspartate (ZMA) introduction

This is a mineral support formula that has been tested in university laboratories besides also being designed scientifically. In precise ratios, ZMA contains magnesium Aspartate, Vitamin B-6 and Zinc monomethionine. Once ingested this supplement helps in proper utilization and absorption of magnesium and zinc. Its ability to increase muscle strength and quantities of anabolic hormones is attributed to the main reason why it is common with athletes and body builders. In gaining of muscles and strength, ZMA is said to increase testosterone levels. There are some studies which have shown that supplementing various quantities of both magnesium and zinc in certain proportions a day is known to raise the levels of testosterone by up to 30%.

ZMA Photos

Benefits of ZMA

Those who need ZMA and the Proportions

ZMA supplements are essential for any athlete looking for increased performance and enhanced strength. Since increased exercise causes a reduction in the mineral and vitamin levels in the human body, it becomes important for them to be replenished and hence the need for these supplements. Most of the vitamins and minerals lost from the body through strenuous exercise are often due to increase in urination and rise in blood sugar levels. The losses in folic acid, B6, B12, magnesium and zinc make it important to use this supplement.

ZMA side effects

From the various ZMA reviews, it has not been established that there is any form of negative side effects associated with the drug use. However, research has clearly shown that over consumption of the supplement can lead to severe cases resulting from excessive accumulation of the minerals and vitamins contained therein. Since zinc is one of the active ingredients therein, excessive intake of the supplement could lead to dehydration, vomiting and nausea, stomach problems and you could eventually be required to need more dietary copper in your meals. Gastrointestinal distress and diarrhea are some of the things that might result from excessive intake of magnesium. If you pop up three of these pills before going to bed you ought to expect to suffer from an upset stomach due to an over dose.

Benefits of ZMA

One of the ZMA benefits is the fact that it contains zinc which is an important element in quite a number of body reactions such as protein synthesis and also other reactions leading to the release of energy. One of the other benefits that have not been talked about in various researches is the fact that it has the capability to boost the immune system, something that can be attributed to the regulation of testosterone cells production. Significant protection tom the liver is also provided by the zinc available in the ZMA. It has also been noted that regular intake of ZMA leads to the secretion of growth hormones during sleep, besides also preventing their reduction in the blood. It is also known to improve sleeping patterns through initiating those which are longer and deeper. It happens that it has two benefits supplementing each other and which are aimed at improved growth.

ZMA and Sleep

It is often advised that ZMA is supposed to be taken between half to one hour before sleeping so as to increase its efficiency. Research has shown that most users of ZMA have reported deep sleep as they continue using the drug, something that can be said to significantly contribute to its efficacy and the fact that it is known to induce the release of growth hormones. Also it is during sleep that the body is known to indulge in other regeneration activities which allow it to take in any form of depleted minerals and vitamins being released by ZMA nobody has been able to pin point the real cause of deep sleep as a result of its intake.




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