Krill Oil Omega 3

24 11 2010

All you need to Know about Krill Oil

Krill are crustaceans that look like the shrimps, feed on phytoplankton and are source of food to squids, fish as well as seals and penguins. These creatures are small in size and measure about 1-5cm though they make the largest biomass in the world. Krill are found in the North Pacific and AntarcticOceans. They have also been used for aquarium feeds, aquaculture, as sports fishing bait and as food. Pure Krill oil is naturally generated in these creatures and has been extracted to be sold as nutritional supplements in various food stores as well as online stores.

Krill Oil Contents

This oil contains a number of nutritive ingredients. One of the major ingredients is the Omega 3 fats especially the EPA and DHA but intertwined in a different manner to make them more absorbable and make them to transport themselves easily, across the membranes of the mitochondria and the nucleus of the cells. In addition to these compositions, Krill oil also contains a complex form of phospholipids profile, which is a great source of choline that reduces stress, as well as acts as a natural emulsifier.

Krill oil also contains a number of vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin D, Vitamin A. In addition to this they also contain canthaxathin which has a high potency of anti oxidant. As compared to the omega three oils in terms of Oxygen Radical Absorbency capacity (ORAC), this potency is 48 times more potent. The astaxanthin is helpful in protecting the body against harmful ultraviolet rays as well as its induced damage on the skin.

Benefits of Krill Oil

Users can enjoy quite a number of Krill oil benefits once they have started taking it. For starters, it helps in the regulation of cells that cause different types of cancer especially prostate cancer as well as to alleviate the different symptoms that come with it. In relation to this, the continuous consumption of pure krill oils, people are able to benefit from great brain health. This means that the supplement reduces the chances of having a brain tumor and the person is able to have better vision as the supplement protects the eyes from degeneration. It also helps in the delay of Alzheimer’s disease and in addition, reduces the symptoms of depression, personality disorders and mood disorders that are associated with brain imbalances.

Another krill oil benefits is associated with weight loss. Pure krill oil comes with the capability of reducing the LDL cholesterol in the body while at the same time increasing the HDL cholesterol. This means that the body sugars are regulated and the chances of adding more weight and retaining fat is reduced. The other benefits of pure Krill oil are also seen in the treatment of pain and inflammations in patients with Rheumatoid arthritis as well as in different forms of pains. It has also been seen to be effective in the treatment of adult ADHD.

Comparison with Fish Oils

The rapid absorption rate of pure Krill oils in the body has led to the elimination of the after taste as well as burping often associated with omega 3 oils. Additionally, pure Krill oils are much more expensive as compared to omega 3 oils and the dosage is quite smaller.

Krill Oil Dangers

One of the krill oil dangers is that it cannot be used by people with allergies to sea foods as it can cause different problems. The other thing is that people who have bleeding disorders should only use pure Krill oil under the supervision of the doctor. The same applies to people who are taking other forms of drugs such as Blood thinners, non steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. Those taking herbs and supplements that are prone to increasing chances of bleeding should use the supplements with caution.




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