24 11 2010

Glutamine Powder

What Is Glutamine Powder And Why Supplement Your Diet With It

L-Glutamine powder is often taken by bodybuilders and other athletes to help the body recover from strenuous workouts. It has also been shown to help in the recovery speed of patients after medical surgeries.

What Is Glutamine?

Glutamine is one of the twenty non-essential amino acids in the human body. An amino acid is simply a molecule of protein. Muscle in the human body is composed of over sixty percent glutamine.

During a workout that consists of weighlifting or other strenous exercise glutamine levels are are lowered during and after the workout, which in turn slows recovery time from the workout. Supplementing with L-glutamine powder has been shown to increase protein synethesis allowing the muscles to recover faster than with no glutamine supplementation.

Sources of Glutamine

Glutamine is found in many foods that we eat everyday. These foods include high protein foods like eggs, chicken, red meat, and fish. Small amounts are also found in some fruits and vegetables. L-glutamine powder can also be found in synthetic form and is produced by many nutritional supplement companies.

Glutamine Supplementation

L-glutamine powder supplementation is most often used by bodybuilders who exercise with heavy weights to build bigger muscles. Commonly L-glutamine is found in a powder or sometimes capsule form. Bodybuilders who supplement their diet with l-glutamine use the supplement to help recover from workouts faster and some studies have shown it can also increase human growth hormone in the body.

When taking as a nutritional supplement l-glutamine powder is recommended to be taken in five gram doeses, two to three times a day for a total of ten to fifteen grams of l-glutamine daily. The body will also take in glutamine with its daily diet also.

The largest producer’s of l-glutamine powder are bodybuilding supplement companies. As l-glutamine powder is classified as a dietary supplement it is not reviewed by the Food And Drug Administration. For this reason it is recommended if you are going to supplement your diet with l-glutamine to stick with reputable companies that produce the powder.



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