Creatine – All about it!

24 11 2010

How to use Creatine for maximum effect

What is Creatine

Immediate results is what we all seek, especially when it comes to working on one’s physique. If you’re on a weight loss program, you would yearn to make shed all that extra fat as quickly as possible.

Just like the newly discovered Acai Berries are for weight loss fanatics, the Creatine is for those seeking to gain muscle mass. Fast. Immediate. And the best part of it all, no side effects.

Creatine works as a steroid, but lacks all those harmful side effects of steroids. It’s a naturally occurring compound generated by our kidneys. Red meat and tuna have small amounts of Creatine in them. Doctors and fitness experts alike are discouraging the use of artificial drugs and supplements. That one strong adrenaline rush might make you win the game, but ultimately you lose. However, the upside of Creatine is that it has been in use by athletes since the 1993 Olympics, and till date has not been banned by any medical authority.

There are different types of Creatine present in the market. From monohydrate Creatine to ester Ethyl Creatine, the only difference is the amount of Creatine in them. The different amount of Creatine implies that the usage of every type of Creatine present in the market varies. In such circumstances, it is good to take advice from your trainer or a medical expert, and read the directions by the manufacturers before starting.

Following directions is imperative to achieve long lasting results. Even though Creatine has been deemed safe by the majority of the fitness sphere, it still lacks an FDA approval, which implies that the purity and hygiene of the supplement is debatable. However, if the proper procedure for the intake of Creatine is followed, side effects are eliminated automatically.

How to use Creatine

The use of Creatine is classified into three steps. If this cycle is followed staunchly, you can get the results that you want and steer away from all possible harm from over consumption. The Creatine intake cycle is as follows:

1. Loading Phase:

The most important stage in the intake of Creatine. This is the stage where the human body becomes accustomed to the intake of this supplement. This is identical to setting up a strong base for further development. This phase usually comprises of a week. Within the time frame of these seven days a 140 gram intake of Creatine is prescribed. The intake is phased and timed. Punctuality and regularity is a must in the Creatine cycle. The 20 grams per day intake is phased out in four times throughout the day, at uniform intervals. Incase you have missed out on morning’s dose, do not try to compensate for it by taking in a double dose at a later time during the day. This will greatly disrupt the cycle. Just like with diet plans, there is a strict time code to follow.

2. Maintenance Phase:

The maintenance phase comes right after your body is accustomed to the intake of the highly beneficial supplement, Creatine. As the name implies, the work of this phase, which lasts from week 2 to week 4, is to maintain the increment in muscle mass. The heavy dose of 20 grams per day is reduced to 10 grams per day. However, the same phased approach is adopted with a heavy reliance of punctuality and regularity. If the cycle is broken or disturbed, the effects may not reach the desired goals. Just like in a normal aerobic exercise routine. The first week is spent trying to make your body accustomed to working out. And the proceeding weeks are spent on maintaining the routine to work off that extra fat. In the Creatine cycle, you maintain the routine to work on gaining the healthy mass muscle.

3. Rest phase:

From week 4 to 8 is the last phase of the cycle, the resting phase. This is perhaps the most important phase out of all three, for during this time frame the body takes a break from the intake of Creatine. During the preceding weeks, the body has become accustomed to the intake of Creatine. It has become almost immune to it. Now is the time to break the routine and bring the body behavior back to square one, while maintaining the muscle you have put on. Once the routine breaks, the impact of the retake of Creatine is maximized when you once again proceed forward with the Creatine Cycle.

Creatine is a great supplement for the body and just like any other drug out there, the abuse of its use can do you more harm than good. However, on the staunch reliance on the aforementioned Creatine Cycle, not only can harm be kept away, but strength retained and healthy mass muscle increased.



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