23 11 2010

Health Benefits of Eating Apricots

How to consume Apricots: Apricot can be consumed raw or as a dry fruit. It can also be blended or taken in the juice form. It is also used in the preparation of jam.


  • Apricot is rich in beta carotene, antioxidant that protects against the cell damage that occurs when the body burns oxygen. This damage is thought to be instrumental in aging and the development of heart disease, neurological disease, eye disease, and cancer.
  • Fresh apricots are rich in vitamin C, but most of the vitamin C is lost when apricots are canned or dried.  Vitamin C can help strengthens the immune system and is good for repairing skin tissues and healing skin wounds. They are also rich in lycopene which can help give a healthy glow to skin.
  • Apricots have a high level of alkaline, making them an excellent choice for anyone who is prone to gall stones; the alkaline helps dissolve the stones.
  • Apricot is a good source of iron and copper which helps in the formation of hemoglobin. Thus, it is extremely beneficial for those suffering from anemia.

Apricot tea: Apricot tea is an excellent stress buster and soothes the digestive system.

Apricot oil:

  • Apricot oil which is extracted from apricot kernels is often used for body massage and for keeping the skin glowing and healthy. It is also good or treating skin diseases like scabies, itching and eczema.
  • Apricot oil has a lot of anti-asthmatic element. It helps in treating bronchial diseases, wheezing and asthma.

Note: If you want an added boost of beta-carotene try eating canned apricots instead of fresh apricots. Fresh apricots have less beta-carotene than canned apricots as the canning process releases added beta-carotene from the apricot cell wall.

Drawback: Apricots contain a natural salicylate, the major ingredient in aspirin. People sensitive to aspirin may experience allergic response. Unless dried apricots are labeled as sulfite-free, anyone with asthma should avoid them.




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