Hemp Seeds: High Protein Nourishing Food!

31 08 2010

Hemp Seeds: High Protein Nourishing Food!

In  some areas of the world, Hemp seeds are sold are naturally as pop-corn, thus in North American, rare are those who know about them.

Here are three amazing nutritional reasons to consume Hemp Seeds:

1- They are loaded with Omega 3, omega 6 to sustain an ultimate health

2-They are a vegetable form of Complete Protein

3-They had a very high content of minerals

4-They contain Antioxidants

Hemp Seeds come in form of:

1- A handful of seeds added to a Smoothie

2-They are sold in form of Milk at any organic food store

3-Oil is also make of Hemp Seeds

And a wide variety of organic products such as bread and pasta are made with hemp seeds.

Here’s a few good reasons to try something new 😉 Non Smokable but Highly Nourishing



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