Acaï Berry

27 08 2010

The acaï berry is a small fruit from the rain forest that typically looks like a small grape or blueberry that is found in large palm tree of the Amazon. It is in facts one of the most nutritious vegetable product of earth.

The acaï berry surpasses by ten time the anti-oxidant values of grapes.

It is rich in these compounds:

Omega Fats



Protein (amino acids)

Vitamin A, B1 and E

What has been proven to be good for:

Boost energy level

Eliminate toxins and waste in the body

Help keep a good blood pressure

Help maintain stable blood sugar levels

Fights free-radial prevention cancers to develop

Benefits for your bones and muscles

Promotes better memory

Enhances sexual functions

Promotes weight-loss

And much more!

Where to find it? What to do with it?

You can find it in every health food store and also in many groceries. It comes in form of dried berries, juice, juice blends, supplements such as in form of powder and capsules

You can add it to a variety of dishes and create wonderful shakes and smoothies.

I will begin doing some recipes including this wonder of the earth. Stay Posted!!




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