Appetite VS Hunger

26 08 2010

Appetite Vs Hunger

We often confuse the two of them as they seem to be drawn on a very close line.


Socially speaking, we are encouraged to eat for social gatherings, reunions or just for company. We eat to taste new things but we also eat out of boredom which is a lack of activities to fill in a daily lifestyle.

Unconsciously we can eat enormous quantities without noticing it because we are doing them while focusing of something else, such as television, studying or just about anything that requires our attention.

Emotionally,  we are comforted by foods that taste good and make us all of a sudden feel less stressed, depressed etc. When we are happy we also eat, to celebrate the happiness.

It’s always about treating ourselves with food way more times than we treat ourselves of things that we really need. It’s simply a wrong mindset that has been brought to us through a very consumer oriented society. But this appetite cannot make us happier, healthy or change our lives around, until we decide to analyze our own eating behaviors

Hunger (the physical one)

It occurs when the body is running out of fuel to function. It happens when our metabolic clock sends physical signs that it’s time to eat: such as a sudden lack of energy, grunting stomach, abundant saliva production and so on.

If you let it come to your attention, we are rarely really hungry because we are on a constant feeding pattern. But your body needs rest time in between the feedings to properly absorb and process the previous meal. It needs nutritious food to get you going through the day feeling well and having a good mood no matter what happens.

When you are hungry, physical hungry; then it’s time to eat.

When you are bored; make a creative lists of things to do, activities, plans to better your life. Get the snacks off the tables and visible areas not to have as a habit to grab some as you walk by them.

Restaurants and dinning occasions should be an occasional activity, as you can try to substitute food by way more interesting activities with your friends and family. Activities that will make you move, socially interact and learn new things.




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