Dark Chocolate

17 08 2010

Dark Chocolate

Who says you have to stop eating chocolate in order to stay healthy?

First what is considered to be dark chocolate?

To the sadness of some, perhaps many ones of you that thought I would grant you permission to eat all these brand named chocolate bars; Dark Chocolate does not come with 50% milk products and the other 50% refines sugar.

Dark chocolate content is best describes as: cacao beans with some sugar, an emulsifier such as soy lecithin to preserve texture, and flavorings such as vanilla. Dark chocolate is often put into 3 categories determined by the percentage of cacaos solids.

Sweet to Semi-Sweet: ranging from 30% up to 70%,

Dark: 75%,

Very Dark: 80% to 99%

Here’s ten good reasons to add some DARK CHOCOLATE to your diet.

1- Eases Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

2- Improves blood circulation to the brain

3-Prevents cell damage

4-Reduces ricks of heart attacks

5-Had been use to fight against tuberculosis

6-Improves the levels of Blood Sugar

7-Acts as a mood booster

8-Improves the metabolism of blood sugar reducing the risk of diabetes

9-Eases coughs

10-Reduces the high blood pressure

Take the sinfulness out of eating chocolate and indulge yourself into a piece of rich Dark Chocolate.



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