Soy: Controversy and Scientific Findings

15 08 2010

Soy: Controversy and Scientific Findings

There’s has been rumors of all kinds about Soy. Some only preach by it, some have nothing but negative to bring upon this product. But let’s get to the bottom of things and analyze it.

Soy is in facts a very healthy product that brings a good quality vegetable protein. When properly fermented over an extended period of time, the resulting product is very good for us. But with the various processing techniques that the food industry applies on soy, the process of fermentation and the processing of the beans by binding them with chemical components turning them into food like Soy Burgers or Soy Drinks brings it to a whole new level. Soy develops a level of toxicity and we are then in presence of Isoflavones which act like pro-estrogen but derived from plant. It does have an effect on the body but only on an extended period of time and this mainly in individuals that already have a hormonal sensitivity.

Also when the right way of making soy into traditional products is not applied, the toxicity in Soy can prevent of the gastro-intestinal track to absorb necessary nutrients and minerals leading primarily to a deficiency of Calcium and Vitamin D. It takes from 6 month to three 3 years to ferment Soy.

Hold on, good news is on the way!

Adding only 1 oz of ground flax-seed can counterpart the estrogenic effects of unfermented Soy Products. Not only Flax seed come to the rescue in this case but it also contains healthy Omega 3. It is best to choose flax-seeds from a cold climate like Canada

Now that we have covered this subject , I wanted to add this link that made me laugh.

Sometimes ignorance can lead to things like this….



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