Benefits of Green Tea

13 08 2010

Benefits of Green Tea

It’s been part of the Chinese culture for centuries and has been known for its numerous health benefits.  Green tea is not only refreshing but has medicinal proprieties. Observations have shown that Green Tea can reduce the risk of cardio-vascular diseases, it can improve bone density, it regulates blood pressure but one of its special benefits is it can increase fat oxidation during moderate intensity exercise  and regulate insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance promoting weight loss. Now that is good news!

Besides this, Green Tea is also a great antioxidant and it is loaded with vitamins and minerals. On a side note, Green Tea is also great for your oral hygiene preventing dental decay.

Easy way to incorporate Green Tea into your diet.

Drink it in the morning, after lunch, in the evening, cold or hot, green tea can be included to virtually any menu or occasion. Now what I can suggest you do to make sure you get some Green Tea in your diet, is to add two bags of Green Tea into your pitcher of water that you keep in your refrigerator. Every time you’re thirsty, drink a glass of natural ice tea!




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