Why do we get sick? Immune System Analysis

12 08 2010

We have come accustom to think that having a cold every once in a while is a normal thing. Everyone gets a cold, right? Since we were kids, we were exposed to thousands of different branches of bacteria and viruses to which we should of created antibodies to prevent us from getting sick. So why do we still get sick… every once in a while?

Here’s how it all works.

Our immune system is equipped of a special protein attached to each of our white blood cells called antigens. These antigens are like identity cards that allow our immune system to recognize the invader organisms. When this happens protein antibody binds to the invader organism to destroys it. But sometimes it’s not strong enough to fight it off like it should…

Here’s why.

The weakening of one’s immune system can be caused by several factors. Stress,  depression but the most severe is a long term mal-nourishment. What I mean here by malnourishment is the intake of useless calories and a diet deficient in important nutrients to support a healthy immune system. Conducted by a scientific study, it had been shown than the mere consumption of 3.5 oz of simply sugar (glucose, sucrose) a day had a deleterious effect on the white blood cell corpuscles.  The fast food products we consume, along with the processed frozen meals, pre-packaged meals and all of the alike, are impairing our immune system to fight off and eliminate bacteria.

So what does this tell us.

If we get sick every once in a while, it’s not a normal thing, it’s because of our deficient nutrition and lack of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and other significant nutrients. Antibiotics won’t solve our problems because they kill all the bacteria in our body, the good necessary ones and the bad.

Eat well fresh diverse food and you won’t get sick…




One response

10 10 2010

Dear Izabella,

Thank you very much for your priceless, great and wonderful advices, delicious meal recipes and your scientific researches on diet and eating-well.

Everybody gets great benefit from you.

Thanks again and again
God bless you, Izabella.

Sincerely your follower,


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