Calorie Counting

10 08 2010

Calorie Counting

These past few decades, the American nations has been bombarded by supersize portions of food. Whether it is at the restaurant, the groceries or at parties, bigger is always better. We expect always more for our money, so when the waiter brings a huge plate of food we are happy and grateful for the generosity of the restaurant. But this sized generosity will cost you more in health and weight management at the end of the day.

This is why I recommend for people with weight and appetite issues to Count The Calories!

And to better keep track of the quality of food you chose, Count the Protein intake will make aware of the foods you chose and will directly influence you food choices.

As you begin counting your daily calories and proteins, based on maintenance or weight loss calorie intake program , you will learn what size of portions you should be eating and what you should eat in order to stay healthy and achieve satiety. It’s a way to bring your body to getting healthier food and letting you stomach size adapt to the right portions.

Once your way of eating is set and you have been on a clean diet for a few month, you naturally will put the right amount of food on your plate. You will also develop better ways of grocery shopping and choosing from a restaurant’s menu.  Eventually calorie and protein counting will not be as necessary because you have already adapted and are aware of how you should be dealing with your food.



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